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Knowing Oliver to always be keen for an adventure, I contacted him and we went on a strategic exam break in search of Protea magnifica.  Haelhoeksneeukop is easily accessible from the Miaspoort trail by following the watershed up to the peak with a bit of scrambling required.


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Miaspoort Trail

Interning over the June-July holidays meant I had endless free time over the weekends. Estelle and I thus decided to head up to the Italian Prisoner of War cross on the top of Hugenoot peak.

We parked on the Du Toitskloof pass and made the steep ascent. Bright yellow tolbosse and Wabome (Protea nitida) lined the path up to the neck. From the neck we had a stunning view of the Du Toits mountains, the N1 and the Hawekwas mountains.


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Kromrivier Trail

With the relentless heat of Stellenbosch having hit me, I decided to head for a swim. I invited Eduard along, and we headed for the Worcester side of the Huguenot tunnel where we would walk to the waterfall at the top of the Kromrivier.


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Witterivier Revelries

Brian, Joe, Bronwyn and myself set out to the Limietberg nature reserve to say farewell to our second year of studies. The day before we had faced the most dreadful final exam (linear algebra), so we were all too happy to catch a break.

I picked everyone up at 7:00 and we made our way too the Bainskloof pass. With ample power ballads and a coffee stop in Wellington we eventually made it to Eerste Tol where we were to start the Bobbejaansrivier trail.

We were informed that a recent fire had left the trail charred and bland in comparison to its usual splendor. We were advised to rather walk up the Witterivier (in the opposite direction to the Rock Hopper trail) and devise our own trail along the rocks.

After some initial disappointment regarding the change of trail, we came to enjoy ourselves. The landscape felt raw and the river carved deep potholes into the worn down rock. This stood in stark contrast to the jagged boulders and large monoliths broken off of the mountain above.


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