Searching for Protea rupicola on Somerset-Sneeukop

This is one of those peaks that eluded me for quite some time. With the knowledge that there is a healthy population of Protea rupicola on the summit, it made it all the more enticing. I contacted MO and we arranged a keen party of hikers to summit Sneeukop.


We made plans to sleep in the Johnson hut on the 7th of October, which happens to be right after my birthday (and Martin’s too). To my surprise a birthday cake was organised for the two of us and this went down very well – thank you Dalene!

On the 8th, we made an early start, up Landdroskloof. The patch of forest at the start is rather extensive and gives way to recently burnt fynbos. The climb up Landdroskloof is tough by any standard and misty conditions were of no help. Sure enough, we took a wrong turn on a bouldered slope but soon found our way again.

Within no time we were on the peak, where we found flowering Protea rupicola. It is a plant known from about only 40 locations and it grows at high altitudes. Consequently, it is notably notorious for being tricky to find, even if the only tricky part is the ascent. What a beautiful plant to see!

DSC_0149.jpg DSC_0141.jpg DSC_0118-2.jpg DSC_0094.jpg DSC_0063.jpg DSC_0052.jpg DSC_0027.jpg

Total distance: 13.37 km
Max elevation: 1588 m
Min elevation: 426 m
Total climbing: 1513 m
Total time: 07:42:07
Download file: Track_2017-10-08 144632.gpx






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    Love your blog ! I must still do this hike also.

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