What a pleasure to hike with the Cape Town section of the MCSA and to get properly acquainted with MO! With an early start at Nuweberg, we followed the Spinx route to up to the Landdroskop hut, managing to spot some beautiful proteaceae along the way. Amongst the most stunning were Protea speciosa, Protea stokoei and Mimetes argenteus.


We followed the route heading to Jonkershoek up to the top of Landdroskloof, from which point we deviated from the path and cut our own trail across the recently burnt fynbos, up to Landdroskop. It is a rather unassuming peak with no striking summit, but this is made up for by the panorama across False Bay and the Hottentots Holland.

Stocked up on KITKAT bars, we made a rapid descent on the southern side of the peak (MO and I ever on the lookout for Protea rupicola), firstly joining the old Boland trail and then the jeep track back to Nuweberg. What a perfect day in the Boland.

DSC_0103.jpg DSC_0097.jpg DSC_0083.jpg DSC_0068.jpg DSC_0058.jpg DSC_0043.jpg

Total distance: 22.85 km
Max elevation: 1443 m
Min elevation: 549 m
Total climbing: 1197 m
Total time: 07:23:50
Download file: Track_2017-08-06 155103.gpx