It has always been a sneaky goal of mine to get Joan to come along on the odd mountain mission. As of yet, I’m unsure how I convinced her to join, but I’m most definitely not complaining.


The day after Joan’s final exam, she drove through to Stellies and we were on our way to Hermanus. The timing could not be better, as two days later a cold front would hit the Cape, bringing snow along with it!

With Arcade Fire’s Creature Comfort edging us on, we made it to Fernkloof and set out for Galpin Hut. Although not a long trip, it doesn’t lack in beauty. We edged through fields of Proteaceae which opened up to rather new veld. Ample water was to be found in the mountain streams and soon we arrived at the hut.


With attempts at drawing in the visitors book, playing ‘go fish’ with mangly cards and enjoying well-earned port, the night went by just quick enough. We awoke to a bitter cold morning with a rainbow across Hermanus signalling our way back.

Galpin hut is a stunning spot for a quick getaway from the Cape. I can’t help but want to go back, and explore a bit more of the landscape. It was a highlight to see Protea cordata and Leucospermum gracile in flower and I’m sure I missed a great number of other beauties too.


Total distance: 4.59 km
Max elevation: 578 m
Min elevation: 73 m
Total climbing: 540 m
Total time: 01:44:59
Download file: 2017-07-14 Galpin Hut day 1.gpx
Total distance: 6.49 km
Max elevation: 596 m
Min elevation: 67 m
Total climbing: 320 m
Total time: 19:46:23
Download file: 2017-07-15 Galpin Hut day 2.gpx