Having not seen Julius over the past few months, I decided the two of us should meet up on a hike. Further, I had been itching to see the Mimetes splendidus (Splendid Pagoda) in full flower – frustratingly it only flowers in Winter.

We made the ascent to the saddle in just over two hours. We had considered to walk to George Peak, but the icy winds made us decide otherwise. We snapped a few pictures and headed back down.

This is where the search for the Splendid Pagoda began! Luckily, the plant’s silver leaves helped us spot it from a distance. Although not in full flower, the Pagoda remained a a unique and beautiful sight.

Further, we were also lucky enough to spot a few Mimetes pauciflorus (Three-flowered Pagoda) in flower, even though it was well past their flowering season.



Total distance: 14.73 km
Max elevation: 1309 m
Min elevation: 268 m
Total climbing: 1334 m
Total time: 04:54:50
Download file: 2016-06-16 Searching for the Speldid Pagoda.gpx