Brian, Joe, Bronwyn and myself set out to the Limietberg nature reserve to say farewell to our second year of studies. The day before we had faced the most dreadful final exam (linear algebra), so we were all too happy to catch a break.

I picked everyone up at 7:00 and we made our way too the Bainskloof pass. With ample power ballads and a coffee stop in Wellington we eventually made it to Eerste Tol where we were to start the Bobbejaansrivier trail.

We were informed that a recent fire had left the trail charred and bland in comparison to its usual splendor. We were advised to rather walk up the Witterivier (in the opposite direction to the Rock Hopper trail) and devise our own trail along the rocks.

After some initial disappointment regarding the change of trail, we came to enjoy ourselves. The landscape felt raw and the river carved deep potholes into the worn down rock. This stood in stark contrast to the jagged boulders and large monoliths broken off of the mountain above.


We soon happened upon a large pool and decided that it was time to swim. The pool was deep and with rocks to jump off, I sat down with the camera, ready to take photos of Brian and Joe jumping into the waters.


After filling up on chocolate cake we set out further upstream. At some point we had to maneuver between two large boulders, yet this was not very difficult. Nothing about this trip was difficult, but we were all too glad – with a relentless exam behind us, we cherished anything relatively easy.


To no surprise, we came across another large swimming pool further upstream. With no responsibilities at home, we decided to stop again. Hundreds of wildflowers could be seen all along the slopes next to the river as well as further up on the escarpment. Amongst these there were the remains of a burnt out house that stood juxtaposed against this unspoilt landscape.


 While sitting, we heard people talking, and saw a group coming over the hill to our right. Curious of where they hiked from, I waited for them to pass, and left the others at the pool to go investigate. I came upon a dirt road which linked to the Bainskloof pass – from here I could see all the way to Paarl in the distance.


 After my return, I took a quick swim while everyone else lazed around in the sun. With much effort we decided to make our way back, and soon we were at Eerste Tol again. With the feeling of “holiday” having set in, we headed for Stellenbosch – happy, having left much stress behind.


Total distance: 4.56 km
Max elevation: 630 m
Min elevation: 536 m
Total climbing: 222 m
Total time: 05:51:36
Download file: Bainskloof Revelries .gpx